Beth and Kevin are the owners of the new downtown fitness studio Pax Active. The word Pax is actually a shorthand term used for 'people' and that is exactly what motivated them to open ou own studio. After years in the industry they both found a lot of gyms are focused on 'growing a bigger business' and not necessarily 'building stronger people' and that didn't sit right with them.

The goal is to give every client the full attention they need so they can start to live a higher quality of life and get stronger every time they come into the studio. ⁠
The missions is to help every client at Pax Active to Improve strength, Increase Movement/Mobility, and Enhance Stamina. ⁠ ⁠

Pax Active offers a 360 approach through strength training, mobility coaching and nutrition help so that you have every tool you need to reach your fitness and life goals⁠ ⁠



Kevin has been training clients for over 10 years. He lives a very active lifestyle and wants to teach you to keep up with him!

More about Kevin:

10 years personal training experience

Ex Military

Mentored by Jon Chaimberg, one of the best trainers in the world

Certifications :
FMS (functional movement screen Lvl 2

BioForce Conditioning Coach


StrongFirst Kettlebells Lvl 1

StrongFirst Bodyweight

Gym Jones Lvl 2

Precision Nutrition Lvl 1 Professional Trained In :
Olympic Lifting (Intermediate)

Powerlifting (Intermediate) (Chris Duffin)

Beth Moore


Beth Moore is a Canadian Singer-Songwriter turned Fitness Studio Owner. Her passion for fitness started young. Beth was a competitive figure skater until she was 18 and continued to stay active through her adult life. She began working in Fitness Sales 5 years ago and loved that her job consisted of talking to people about their fitness goals and helping them make a plan. She's worked for some of the biggest companies in North America and wanted to take everything she's learned about the good and bad in the fitness industry and create a Studio that truly helps Every. Body. No matter if they are a beginner or advanced athlete.

Beth runs the daily operations at Pax Active and makes sure the members are happy and connected. She loves coffee, working out with friends, hiking, playing music, reading fiction.

Certifications Precision Nutriton LVL 1

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